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intel realsense camera

The Intel® RealSense™ technology drives innovation, by creating a new way to interact with computers and tablets through video, gesture and speech.
The RealSense™ camera scans objects, measures depth, distance, dimensions, contours and colors of objects so you can manipulate, play and even 3D-print the objects you have scanned.
Its high-end technology tracks hands and fingers, recognizes speech and faces and analyzes the shape of lips, eyes and cheeks, drawing conclusions from facial expressions, making this a powerful tool.

intel realsense formation

Gear up, Intel® is setting up a worldwide roadshow with one day of hands-on labs for developers interested in Perceptual Computing, 3D development and virtual reality. Intel experts will teach you how to develop with the RealSense™ camera and give you the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the SDK and the camera.

intel realsense camera

Redefine how you connect with technology and become a pioneer in the future of human-computer interaction. Join one of the dev labs in your city for a unique opportunity to get trained by experts on Intel’s RealSense™ technology and get hands-on experience with the SDK and the camera.


* General information, might differ for some events.
Please check the schedule of your city below
  • Registration opens

  • Introduction

    First steps with the Intel® RealSense™ camera

  • Presentation of the Intel® RealSense™ SDK and APIs

  • Lunch

  • Hands-on

    Start coding your own app with RealSense™

  • Wrap up

  • Dinner & Drinks

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Past Events

  • November 5th 2014 Los Angeles, USA
  • November 13th 2014 San Francisco, USA
  • November 14th 2014 Munich, GERMANY
  • November 21st 2014 Orlando, USA
  • November 25th 2014 London, UK
  • December 2nd 2014 Austin, USA
  • December 2nd 2014 Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
  • December 12th 2014 Milan, ITALY
  • December 19th 2014 Paris, FRANCE
  • December 20th 2014 Tokyo, JAPAN
  • January 23rd 2015 Moscow, RUSSIA
  • February 18th 2015 Sacramento, USA
  • March 20th 2015 Sao Paulo, BRASIL
  • March 31st 2015 New York, USA
  • May 18th 2015 London, UK
  • May 30th 2015 St Petersburg, RUSSIA
  • June 9th 2015 Berlin, GERMANY
  • June 25th 2015 Phoenix, USA
  • July 23rd 2015 Sao Paulo, BRASIL
  • September 23rd 2015 Rome, ITALY
  • September 30th 2015 Boston, USA
  • October 23rd 2015 Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
  • October 29th 2015 Nairobi, KENYA
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